Friday, 10 August 2012

Did You Know?

  1. The smallest portion of an element is: Atom
  2. Effervescence means: Bubbly 
  3. Dyes in ink are separated by: Chromatography 
  4. One allotrope of carbon is: Diamond 
  5. A substance which cannot be split up into others is an: Element 
  6. The liquid which runs through a filter paper is the: Filtrate 
  7. A yellow, noble metal is: Gold 
  8. The element which gives violet vapor on heating is: Iodine 
  9. To find out if a liquid is an acid, use: Litmus 
  10. 6.02 X 10^23 number of atoms or molecules: Mole 
  11. 78% of the air we breathe is: Nitrogen 
  12. 21% of the air we breathe is: Oxygen 
  13. Green leaves of plants make starch by: Photosynthesis 
  14. There are two limes. Calcium oxide is: Quicklime 
  15. Taking oxygen from a substance is called: Reduction 
  16. A yellow non-metal is: Sulphur 
  17. To find out how strong an acid is, use: Universal indicator 
  18. In strong alkali Universal Indicator is: Violet 
  19. The colour of gold and sulphur is: Yellow 
  20. A more active metal than copper is: Zinc 
Courtesy: Randal L. Henly, Ireland Reference: CHEM13 News, February 1995

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  • Do not get over excited over happiness and do not get over depressed over sorrow.
  • Do not get over bonded with anyone and anybody because it can lead to problems and sorrow.
  • Never think that my duty is the topmost or lowermost. Every duty is respectful. The responsibility undertaken or given as per the position is the noblest duty.
  • Elevate yourselves, family, society and nation and never denigrate yourselves, family, society and nation.
  • We are our own closest relatives and if not properly utilised we will become our closest enemies.
  • There are possibilities of success and failure in any endeavour. One cannot assure success always.
  • Death is inevitable for everyone in this world. In any endeavour at the maximum an individual may die.
  • People may say good and also they may say bad. Approach them with stabilised mind.
  • Take anything after scientifically, logically and rationally analysing them.
  • Perform your duty, responsibility and accept the privileges eligible for you.
  • First change ourselves and then try to change others.
  • We are all instruments /tools in the hands of the nature for performing the duty. So do not think that I am doing the duty. Think that I am an instrument to do the duty.
  • Results of action may not be sweet always. Accept what ever may be the result.
  • Follow the path of great scholars who guided the world. Listen their messages.
  • Results and rewards will come and go but stick to your duty with devotion, dedication and sincerity.